Effections: We need to talk.

Immony Men is a visual artist currently based in Montreal. His practice takes the form of new medias, installation, time-based performances, and community-based research. He has exhibited and worked with several different artist-run centres, art galleries, museums, and academic institutions across Canada

Men has completed an MFA in Visual Arts at the University of Windsor. He has also completed an MA in Communications and New Media at McMaster University. Prior to his graduate degrees he has completed his BFA at Concordia University majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies within Studio Arts.

Email: immonymen@gmail.com

Selected Publications, Interviews and Reviews

Mar. 2012 Akimbo Art+Tech “Immony Men takes care of business aGallery 44″
Jan. 2012 Metro Media “Making art out of the 9-to5 grind”
Nov. 2011 Toronto Star “Unual Uses for Post-it Notes”
July. 2011 Globe and Mail “10 000 Post-its add up”
July. 2011 International Herald Tribune “Post-it: A sticky affair”
July. 2011 Vancouver Sun “Immony Men toils away on obsessive 9-to5 shift”
July. 2011 Global National News “Unique Artist: Immony Men”
July. 2011 Shaw TV “Effections: “We need to talk.” with Immony Men”
Jan. 2011 Telejournal Acadie “Taking Care of Business” with Immony Men
Jan. 2011 CBC – Radio “Taking Care of Business” with Immony Men
Oct. 2010 Telejournal “Last night at the Chestnut.” with Immony Men
Aug. 2010 CBC- Television “Can you hear the city whispering?” with Immony Men and Maegan Broadhurst
Feb. 2010 One Magazine – Rollerblading Magazine Immony Men: Artist Profile
Jan. 2008 Canadian Art Magazine Weekly Feature: Immony Men in Halifax
Jan. 2008 Akimbo Online Halifax: Taking Care of Business Jan. 2007 CBC – Radio “Taking Care of Business” with Immony Men