Ubisoft Experiential Learning Partnership: Prototyping a Velcro-less Motion Capture Suit and First-Person Camera

This section of OCADU’s course Atelier II: Collaboration involved an industry partnership with Ubisoft. The students used their understanding of wearable technologies to develop tools and strategies for solving specific physical and digital problems that exist within their motion capturing process that relate to textile material, rapid prototyping, and physical computing.

The students benefited from this experience by exploring difference facets and challenges that exist with collaborative projects within a professional context. (i.e.: effective group communication, collaborative design strategies, revised prototyping, role and task assignments, etc.)

As collaborators we provided Ubisoft with revised prototypes that solve specific issues that exist within their motion capturing process. After preliminary meetings, we have narrowed down our focus to (1) iterations of a robust/functional “reality masher” (first-person camera), and (2) material-based solutions for velcro audio noise within their marker system.

The thirteen students were divided into groups to create a series of different prototypes that addressed these selected technical problems. By taking the proper time to thoroughly research and focus on individual technical issues the students and industry partner mutually benefited from creative exploration.